APL Expert Support NAVCOM in Marseille, France

CMA Ships subsidiary brings together all the branches of activity dealing with managing the vessel fleet and its crew members. They have a wide range of responsibilities: navigation; embarking our crews; technical maintenance; supplying spare parts and consumables; developing and implementing new building projects; etc....


You will integrate the VESSEL SYSTEMS (SUPPORT) department of CMA SHIPS, in charge of the technical and operational support for the Navigation, Communication and IT Systems of CMA CGM / APL owned vessels.

You will be in charge of support levels 1 and 2 for the Navigation, Communication and IT systems: namely, solving technical problems on board, both hardware and software.

You will participate in the different projects handled by the VESSEL SYSTEMS (SUPPORT) department.


You are a referent for the CMA SHIPS / CCISC Superintendents and transverse departments (Purchasing, SSE, NewBuildings, ... ) regarding the maintenance of Navigation, Communication and IT Systems .

As such, you will implement the appropriate actions to meet the technical and regulatory standards, deadlines and CMA SHIPS standards:

  • You remotely reply to all requests for ship maintenance, related to Navigation, Communication and IT Systems.

  • When deemed necessary, you coordinate maintenance services on board through the various service suppliers, contracted by CMA SHIPS.

  • You participate in the crew training by writing procedures for the shipboard software.

  • You purchase hardware for the Navigation, Communication and IT systems and ensure safe and timely delivery onboard.

  • You are actively involved in the different phases of the VESSEL SYSTEMS (SUPPORT) Department projects (from the design phase up to the operational installation).

  • You plan and implement Navcom related projects and perform post-implementation support.

  • You participate in the feasibility study and evaluation of solutions for Navcom projects.

  • You implement, evaluate results of pilot trials and provide recommendation prior to the fleet-wide project implementation.

  • You maintain and upkeep the integrity and security of the Vessel information systems through the implementation and enforcement of Fleet IT Security Policies and Standards.

  • You follow the technological developments: as such, you participate in the design and execution of hardware/software trials.


The position reports hierarchically to the VESSEL SYSTEMS (SUPPORT) Team Leader of CMA SHIPS.


You have an electronic and/or IT background (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science).

Three to five years’ experience in a support activity is necessary, in the following areas:

  • IT local networks and application software

  • Instrumentation, Electronics

Knowledge of Maritime Navigation and Communication Systems would be appreciated.

English is the working language.

Your rigor and responsiveness, your analytic and synthetic ability, along with your interpersonal skills, will allow to successfully perform your duties.

Few travels to containerships are required.


CMA Ships is part of the successful CMA CGM Group, the world's 3rd largest container shipping company